Finding Classes & Activities is Simple : Book My Activity

Book My Activity helps in creating this into organized platform where marketing and administrative efforts are being taken care by Book My Activity for class owners and displayed in the form of platter to Users (students/parents) to choose as per their interest!

Background !!!

I,Ar. Shilpa Dhamne and my husband Ar.Chinmay Dhamne, grew up in Nashik City. We met in Architecture College in the year 2000 and since then the journey of our learning and following our passion started. We studied together in USA at Virginia Tech for Masters program and after that we both worked there for more than 3 years and decided to come back to India to get started working on ourselves & do what we love to do! We have two beautiful daughters who are 6 & 4 years old, who are our inspiration & motivators for the start up - Book My Activity.

By profession, we both are an Architects. We are hardworking , passionate about socializing and working in different fields & love to travel.

Start Up Story!

As I was exposed to different kinds of activities and experiences we had during the stay in the USA, the impact of that really changed the way I started thinking about continuous learning is must in everyone's life with their interests. When we shifted to India, especially in the city like Nashik with our elder daughter who was 1 year & 5 months at that time. I wanted to engage her in different kinds of activities, classes & multi-intelligence development skills program.  But as we moved back to India after 6 year sit was difficult to gather information regarding activities & classes. What ever small information we got was from friends and family.

After that self-exploration started by visiting different kinds of classes and activities, asking friends and roaming in colonies, looking at different classes hoardings !  Within a year or so I had collected so much of information in the city that friends used to call me for information and guidance about which classes and activities to join and where etc. By doing this I started investing lot of my time in talking and discussing to random people also. Then I realized that I am investing a lot of time into this and I should better utilize it.

 One day, I & Chinmay were going around in the city and started discussing should we start with some online portal or app to find classes and activities which will ease the process of Finding classes and activities as per the User's preferences. So on that our night car drive, we finalized to start this portal. After he said yes and to channelize my inner self to give an active environment to kids, gave this idea of Book My Activity.

Since then we are all the time thinking and discussing and mainly studying how to do this better ! It is an amazing journey since then.

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